Who are we?

Colors Group is an advertising company that has worked for the past fifteen years to provide integrated advertising services that have contributed to the development of this industry. We adopt a methodology based on planning, preparation and hard work to present and implement innovative ideas and advanced solutions to build a constructive strategic relationship with our customers to ensure continuity.

Why Would you Choose Colors?

With us you can count on:

Confidence !

We operate a broad and delicate clientele, and trust is our backbone

Support !

You will be in safe hands. Support is our priority

Quality !

When it comes to meeting the needs of our customers and providing them with a good environment, be very confident that you are in the hands of honesty, and we will focus on the details.

Providing high quality designs and after-sales services by developing a network of brands in market leading positions in Turkey and the Arab world

We provide satisfactory service to the client at all levels, and in what capacity we can achieve the most benefit in design, marketing, printing etc. We have perfected your design to provide you with a distinctive service that makes your prints look attractive to you. Your customers and distinguished from others. And use the appropriate colors, shapes and texts to convey the message or meaning that you mean to the audience in the hands of our team and use all modern technologies to innovate in colorful works that remain firmly in your mind.

Our design work includes a lot, and here is an overview of what we offer you:

Design for pharmaceutical and food packaging

Trademark design.

Design different logos.

Advertising banners design.

Design of storefronts.

Designing commercial publications “business cards – official letters – and others”.

Designing an integrated group of companies.

Manufacturing display stands for products

Implementation and manufacture of billboards

Based on our extensive knowledge in this field, we will provide you with a set of ideas that will help you in choosing the design and suitability for your target group.

Colors group as an intermediate firm:

Colors Group works on linking Turkish companies with agents and clients in the Arab world through coordination and agreement between them in an academic and professional manner in order to achieve common interests.

The Colors group is also able to provide the first materials for pharmaceutical factories in the Arab world, from medicine bottles to all other materials that may be needed

We have a marketing team that deals with agents and clients

Our Clients

Design & Print

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   Factory: Şevketsümer, 5926. Sk. No:48, 33020 Camili Köyü/Akdeniz /Mersin / Turkey
Sales : Menderes, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Blv., 33200 Mezitli/Mersin / Turke

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  Tel. +90 539 714 12 73 | +90 545 206 58 25

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